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Sarlas started as a small family-

 our heritage                                               run shop on Ermou Street, in the

                                                            heart of Athens, in 1977. Driven
                                                            by his passion for quality textiles

                                                            and his commitment to honest,

                                                            personalised service, founder

                                                            Sotirios Sarlas soon earned a
                                                            reputation as a knowledgeable

                                                            purveyor of fine fabrics, sourced

                                                            from the best designers and

                                                            manufacturers in Greece and
                                                            abroad to adorn distinguished

                                                            Athenian homes and business


                                                            Forty-five years later, we have

                                                            grown into a thriving international

                                                            business, reaching companies

                                                            and consumers in more than 60
                                                            countries, participating in leading

                                                            industry trade shows across

                                                            the globe, and working with key

                                                            hospitality brands and interior
                                                            designers on major contract

                                                            projects in Greece and beyond.

                                                            Recent years have seen the birth

                                                            of Sarlas Italia SA, the launch
                                                            of our Sarlas In Style brand in Italy

                                                            and the completion of a number

                                                            of high-profile Signature

                                                            Hospitality Projects.
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